Mondays stink. Except it’s Tuesday.

Always hate that trick a Monday holiday plays. On the one hand it’s great that it’s now Tuesday, one work day down. On the other hand, I walk around all day doing Monday things and thinking I have until tomorrow for Tuesday things. So to my piano students who’ve ever experienced a scheduling gaffe from me, this might have been the culprit.

Our house runs a little (who am I kidding, a lot) different than the norm, whatever that is. I work two jobs from home and we homeschool, which means I don’t really have much of a set schedule and I love that. I’m pretty covetous of it and don’t like setting things in times on a schedule. But I do because it’s necessary. My 10 year old has gotten used to my slack ways but I don’t think it’s benefiting him. So we’re scheduling a little more now. Formal school time, though it’s not really a time but rather just ‘before everything else’ which = Minecrack. He’s not my biggest fan right now, I don’t think he’ll be following my blog. I’ve been on his hit list since I denied him a Facebook account at 9.

As soon as I find the dog, because she stole the baby’s binky and those things are a precious commodity in this house, I’m off to run errands. And more and more I wish it was OK to leave my kids in the car because it’s difficult to do 3 quick stops places and unbuckle a 4 month old in and out. But I promise I’ll take him in with me, don’t go stalking my car. He’d scream anyway, he HATES his carseat with the passion of a thousand fiery sons.

So what stinks most about my Mondays (er Tuesday this week) is that after a weekend where everyone plus an extra or two was home intermittently making messes but then leaving before cleaning them up, Monday is clean-up day. AT least it’s supposed to be. I haven’t actually done any cleaning yet. My husband won’t read this, so he’ll still be surprised when he gets home. Surprise! Still a pizza box on the counter, breast pump parts and diapers on the dining table (appetizing, yes?), and FIVE laundry baskets of clean clothes to put away. In my defense: I showered. I am clean, as is my hair and as a bonus, so is the baby. He showered with me. Yes he’s slippery. It’s OK. I’m feeling pretty accomplished that baby & I were clean and dressed before 9am. The house hasn’t fared so well but dinner is in the crockpot. Kind of. I was going for chicken chili only I realized after I’d put the chili in that I don’t actually have any chicken. Oops. But it has chicken broth in it, maybe the husband won’t notice? Mmmmm tastes like chicken, but it’s not. Maybe I’ll post a recipe later. A friend who was a total foodie in training to be a chef told me it was wonderful once. I found these great cookies to make and had started mashing bananas and oats for them until I realized I was missing the applesauce needed. Applesauce can be used as a substitute in recipes, but what do you substitute for applesauce? Apparently I need to go shopping. But I don’t shop on Mondays. Tuesdays. Whatever.





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