I have joined the leagues of the soccer mom

We now have….a minivan. Ugh. How I hate writing that. We realized a few weeks ago that we had outgrown our tiny vehicles and needed at least one with more seats. We were, however, upside down on both car loans and had no money to put down AND Needed to keep to our small payment we had. Lots of issues to fill there. And I HATE minivans. I’ve always driven compact cars with a manual stickshift. I love my stickshift. Mostly I like Honda, but my last car was a Nissan Versa six speed manual. My angstful feelings towards minivans meant we started searching for 3 row SUVs. No easy task considering the age we needed to look at for our payment budget. Yes, we are payment buyers. Sigh. And we learned that the ones that were out there kind of sucked, I am not a Ford or Chevy fan. And their SUVs suck gas, it seems, at least the ones with third rows made mid 2000s. We found what we thought was the absolute perfect solution: a mini-minivan. A Kia Ronda. Oops, Rondo.

The Rondo is a lot like a Mazda5 only the Rondo seats 7, Mazda5 seats 6. But after driving all over tarnation to find a good condition Rondo we discovered that back row wasn’t as roomy as we first thought and the middle row had two positions: forward and backward. It wouldn’t work. Back to the drawing board I looked up the local dealer I’ve gotten all my cars from, and my family gets their cars from. But I assumed they’d have nothing in our under $10k price range because they’re a name brand dealer. BUT Lo and behold they had a 2006 Toyota Sienna, the holy grail of the soccer mom. An eight seater, no less, we have years before we’d grow outta this thing, if ever. It’s pretty, though:
Dealer’s photo from the website

So I have joined the dark side. Where’s my cookies?


2 thoughts on “I have joined the leagues of the soccer mom

    1. Well, when I’m on the inside it’s really nice and I appreciate all the features that I’ve missed the last couple years with a base model car. But I don’t love the extra gas money and just that I feel…old. Which is funny, because I *think* I’m older than you, lol. But whatever, throw the ego aside because it’s what fits us better now, and will fit us best fairly soon in the future, I think. I still will miss how zippy my little cars have been, and having a manual shift. But I will not miss listening to children complain they are squished or having nowhere to put anything in the car! Still can’t believe the thing has 15! cupholders, lol. What year is yours? I am glad it’s silver. Silver is cool.


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