Stroller Superiority

I think I finally found it. Mostly anyway. I wrote about my quest trying to ever find the perfect stroller. It doesn’t exist. The one feature I love most, seats that can face out or in, just isn’t on most strollers and if it is, the rest of the stroller may not be what I need.

I didn’t even use a stroller hardly with my oldest. Or my 2nd. It wasn’t until I had two under two that I really saw a need sometimes to have one. And it’s very nice for carrying their stuff. We had a tandem, Contours Options Elite. And I really, really liked it, despite the naysayers that it’s not ‘high end’ enough, or is hard to push. Frankly I found it easier to push than it’s higher priced counterpart the Baby Jogger City Select. And it had a basket that none of the other modular tandems measured up to. HUGE! But my wrists are chronically sore, haven’t really figured out why yet, and I need something smooth as silk to push. Once the “two under two” were no longer that but 3 and 18 months and 60+ pounds together I couldn’t handle pushing the tandem anymore.

I looked at an UppaBaby Vista, but it wasn’t that much easier to push than the contours to make the huge price tag worth it ($1,000+ for all the needed parts to use it as a double) and it would have a very limited lifespan considering the second seat only goes to 35lbs. Why do they do that?! So begrudgingly I started looking at side by side strollers which I was assured are always easier to push than tandems. Even bought a Britax B-Agile double which was in fact easier to push than our tandem. But still I wasn’t quite sure it was as easy as it got. I’d heard moms raving about how easy the Peg Perego Book For Two was to push. But at $600+ it was just priced too steeply for our budget. Until the day after we bought the Britax stroller one came up on Amazon warehouse deals for less than $500. I also had a few gift cards and some reward points to use which brought it down below $450 with free returns and free shipping. Too good to pass up.

I’m glad we got it. The push is truly amazing. I tried out every double stroller at Buy Buy Baby and nothing compares. Ball bearings and suspension on the wheels make it a very smooth ride for the kids and I can literally push it with one hand even with both kids and a loaded diaper bag in it, aided by the middle grip on the handle that helps you find the center to guide it better.


The basket is quite large. I have no issues fitting full Ju Ju Be Be Prepared in there.

The seats are big enough to fit my average sized almost 3 1/2 year old who is 35lbs. for some time to come. Also fits my 1 1/2 year old well, though I put the calf rest in the up position for him since he can’t reach the foot rest yet. The harness is a bit different-I think they call it a floating harness or something, but it gets the job done and is adjustable both in the shoulder straps and hip straps, and height adjustable as well. The seats have a very good recline, though you will need both hands to put it back up to straight. And the irritating way many strollers have very reclined ‘upright’ seat positions isn’t found on the Book For Two. They are plenty upright. When you lie the seats down there is the option to have just mesh at the back or cover it with the canopy material.

The canopies each have a peek a boo window, though I wish it was mesh, it does get the job done and you can secure the panel over the window or open.

And the canopies are massive, which is great. 20170715_202228

But aside from the amazingly easy push, which I can’t take a picture of, I think my favorite feature is the fold, which I’ve never seen an easier one, especially on a double. If you’ve folded a Baby Jogger City Mini and think it’s great, it’s got nothing on the Book! Squeeze the fold handle. That’s it. You’re done. Standing fold. To open? Unlock the automatic lock and then squeeze the fold handle, pull up on the stroller handle.

Standing fold

It is not an extremely compact fold, but it’s not bad. The Contours took up less space in the back of our van but only because it’s long rather than wide. I’d definitely recommend this stroller above most other doubles, especially the most popular one, the City Mini, whose basket is almost completely inaccessible.


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