Mondays stink. Except it’s Tuesday.

Always hate that trick a Monday holiday plays. On the one hand it’s great that it’s now Tuesday, one work day down. On the other hand, I walk around all day doing Monday things and thinking I have until tomorrow for Tuesday things. So to my piano students who’ve ever experienced a scheduling gaffe from me, this might have been the culprit.

Our house runs a little (who am I kidding, a lot) different than the norm, whatever that is. I work two jobs from home and we homeschool, which means I don’t really have much of a set schedule and I love that. I’m pretty covetous of it and don’t like setting things in times on a schedule. But I do because it’s necessary. My 10 year old has gotten used to my slack ways but I don’t think it’s benefiting him. So we’re scheduling a little more now. Formal school time, though it’s not really a time but rather just ‘before everything else’ which = Minecrack. He’s not my biggest fan right now, I don’t think he’ll be following my blog. I’ve been on his hit list since I denied him a Facebook account at 9.

As soon as I find the dog, because she stole the baby’s binky and those things are a precious commodity in this house, I’m off to run errands. And more and more I wish it was OK to leave my kids in the car because it’s difficult to do 3 quick stops places and unbuckle a 4 month old in and out. But I promise I’ll take him in with me, don’t go stalking my car. He’d scream anyway, he HATES his carseat with the passion of a thousand fiery sons.

So what stinks most about my Mondays (er Tuesday this week) is that after a weekend where everyone plus an extra or two was home intermittently making messes but then leaving before cleaning them up, Monday is clean-up day. AT least it’s supposed to be. I haven’t actually done any cleaning yet. My husband won’t read this, so he’ll still be surprised when he gets home. Surprise! Still a pizza box on the counter, breast pump parts and diapers on the dining table (appetizing, yes?), and FIVE laundry baskets of clean clothes to put away. In my defense: I showered. I am clean, as is my hair and as a bonus, so is the baby. He showered with me. Yes he’s slippery. It’s OK. I’m feeling pretty accomplished that baby & I were clean and dressed before 9am. The house hasn’t fared so well but dinner is in the crockpot. Kind of. I was going for chicken chili only I realized after I’d put the chili in that I don’t actually have any chicken. Oops. But it has chicken broth in it, maybe the husband won’t notice? Mmmmm tastes like chicken, but it’s not. Maybe I’ll post a recipe later. A friend who was a total foodie in training to be a chef told me it was wonderful once. I found these great cookies to make and had started mashing bananas and oats for them until I realized I was missing the applesauce needed. Applesauce can be used as a substitute in recipes, but what do you substitute for applesauce? Apparently I need to go shopping. But I don’t shop on Mondays. Tuesdays. Whatever.





In The Beginning

All new to this but a couple people of my Facebook friends recently suggested I start a blog, that others might enjoy reading my sometimes odd way of looking at life. Maybe they’re flattering me, maybe they’re just trying to share the awkwardness they feel at reading my posts, but worth a try. I don’t know if you’d call me an avid blog reader, but I am an avid contest enter-er. It hurt to type that word just now. Strange to say it’s a hobby, but it is. And I’ve got the winnings to prove it! I started to list what I’ve won but realized I can’t, I’ve forgotten some of it. Sometimes big, sometimes little. I average about once a month. It’s exciting to win, even if it’s really small. I won a pen once. It’s a pen that smells like apple pie though! You can check my About Me page for more info on who I am and my goals for the blog here. But really I hope to brighten someone’s day, or to share something that I’m happy to have learned from someone else. For this first post, though, for posterity’s sake, I’d like to share the Facebook post that got me to blog (incidentally, I hate the word blog), originally posted around 11pm, when it was dark outside, it matters:

“Oh. my. Gosh. There is a weird noise happening in my office. I have to work, jobs due at 7am. I keep hearing a noise so I whip around in my chair. I don’t see anything. My office is kind of a sun room, windows all around. And used to be a porch, so it’s on top of a creepy crawl space that we’ve never even looked in since moving here. I got up to make sure the door in here is locked. Shut all the blinds. Duct taped a napkin to the window in the door (ssh, it’s all I could find). I start to type. There’s that noise! It sounds like a critter. Or someone tapping the window. Eeieeieie!! On the verge of going to wake John up (’cause that’s a good husband’s job, right?) when I realize I just spent TEN minutes of much needed work time freaking out. at the sound of a pumping bra with a zipper down the middle blowing in the breeze of the fan next to my desk and hitting my chair.”

The bra has since relocated itself to the pack and play diaper stacker (’cause…where else?) but here’s the setup my dear husband nearly lost sleep over:


Pardon the mess, in the interest of being honest, this is what my office really did look like. Dog toy on the floor and all.